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Bible in a Year Reading Group

Follow These Four Steps

Join us for our Bible in a Year reading group and get all the encouragement and support you need with a community of Bible readers that keep it real with each other while pushing to continue.  Enhance your understanding through prayer, patience and commitment to the Word of Yah!

Hear. read. Learn.
Praise Yah that the Truth is near to each one of us. Now it is time to be good stewards and invest time into what Yah has given us so we are prepared when the Messiah returns.

A 52-week plan that schedules reading six days out of each week.  With the Psalms sprinkled throughout the year and the reading in the order that the events occurred, you will get a historical understanding and connect with stronger engagement.

Click Here – Reading Plan (PDF)

Another way to stay engaged with reading is to have a focus or objective for your reading.  Not only does it help you pay attention to detail but it also is rewarding when you find what you were looking for!  See the Objective section below for ideas of what you can look for in your daily reading to keep it interesting!

Any time you find something, submit it to the link below and we will help you track it!

Click Here – Objective Form

We have video lessons that walks through the Scripture in a similar order as the reading plan.  Add to your understanding by watching lessons after your reading.

Click Here – Taught of Yah Journey Through the Word

Satan will attack.  You will get “too busy” and “too stressed” after you begin reading.  You will want to procrastinate or give up.  These are simply attacks to keep you from the Truth of Yahuah.

Join our group and participate in weekly discussions of the reading as often as you’d like.  You can share what you understood, ask questions or just quietly listen to others.

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Quiz Questions

As you read through the Word, think of quiz questions that could be asked if the Bible were to come with a test. You can think of a question or two for each chapter that you read and choose the answer. You can even come up with different type of quiz questions: True or False, Multiple Choice, etc. Be creative and watch how much more you get out of the reading!


Some people are gifted with the ability to create things visually. Tap into that part of your gift as you do your daily reading. When you read something that you begin to visualize, challenge yourself to create a visual. Do whatever you are comfortable with: Drawing by hand, photoshop, doodle on your tablet, flow charts, power point presentations, etc. Not only will these visuals help you connect even more with your reading but it could also help others who are visual learners.

Testimony of the Messiah

Recommended for those that are very familiar with the Gospel, this objective challenges readers to look for situations through the Word that remind them of the Messiah. The Apostles did this often in their epistles; Paul related Adam and Eve's union to the Messiah and the Congregation (Ephesians 5:31-32). Peter related the flood that Noah survived to the baptism (1 Peter 3:20-21). Even the Messiah Himself tells us to Search the scriptures and that they testify of Him (John 5:39).

Promises of the Word

Just keep an eye on any of the promises made in the Word. Who is the promise made to? What is the promise? There are promises of the Law of Moses and Promises of the New Covenant. Promises in prophecy and promises in the epistles. You will start to notice that Yah has promised and delivered so much throughout history and you will be so excited about the promises that are yet to come.

Helpful Word Definitions

This is great for beginners. If you notice biblical words that you don't understand, then submit it. Even if you are not a beginner and/or you do understand the a word but you think others could benefit from a definition, send it on over. Through your reading, you will begin to connect more with the meaning of words which will solidify a perfect understanding of the Scripture.

Calendar Events

When reading you will notice events are chronicled by months, days of the month and sometimes years. As you read, you will start to catch these references and you can submit each one. In the end, it could be possible to build an entire calendar to capture significant events of each calendar dates. Notice how this will keep you engaged throughout your reading.


There are times in the Word where the lineage of people are described through their fathers. You can trace the lineage and tribes of the people as far back as the Word describes. You begin to notice how many of the famous names of the Bible are related in interesting ways.

Event Locations

The majority of what is described in the Word occurs in a relatively small area of the world. As cities, nations and kingdoms are mentioned, capture the event and where it happened. You will be blown away by all of the spiritually significant events that occur at the same locations throughout the Word.

Prophecy Collector

Document all the prophecy that predicts a future event. You can capture the prophecy that have already been fulfilled if you know or you can just capture the prophecy and keep moving. You will start to realize that prophecy is purely for Yah's glory and for us to build trust in His Word.

Manifestations of God

At different times, Yah presents himself to us in different forms. At times He is just a voice and other times He is an Angel or burning bush. This objective challenges you to identify any time someone says they spoke to Yah and what form Yah took during that communication in the Word.