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400 Years of Affliction: Egypt or America?

Let’s Explain. The traditional belief is this: Scripture presents the history of our ancestors, the Israelites, as being captive and afflicted in Egypt for 400 years according to the prophecy of Genesis 15:13-16. Pondering on the time of affliction of the descendants of slaves (DOS) in America, some have thought to examine Scripture more closely…

The Revelation of Yahushua the Anointed

  This is a seven part video series where the book of Revelation is decoded using only the Scriptures.  The Book of Revelation can only be understood by understanding the Scriptures and the writings of the men chosen by Yah in the New and Old testaments.

(Video) “DopeDaddying”: Black Dads are Cool Again?

This is about the dads who were not prepared… Who may not have been in love… Who may have made a mistake… Who may have become so familiar with the black fatherless household stereotype that they find themselves fighting against not only a temptation but also a social norm.

Where to start?

You want to give the rest of your life into the authority, protection and love of the Son of God? Praise Yah! Here’s what you need to know. There’s 66 books in the Bible and every one of them are profitable to make a man or woman perfect unto salvation. So, with you being new,…

Reading Plans

The first step to growing in the Faith is learning the Truth.  Here are some reading plans that can help you stay consistent.

20 Lynchings Since Y2K That Were Called “Suicide”

No, I’m not talking about metaphorical lynchings either. I’m talking about Sandra Bland, hanged in jail by… well they say, by herself. I’m talking about the old fashioned black man hanging from a rope until he dies style of lynching.  Odd that you haven’t heard much about it, eh? I mean, doesn’t there seem to…