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In the Beginning – Understanding the Book of Genesis


Bro Philmore

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Join us as we carefully walk through the book of Genesis.

Genesis is a word that means “beginning.” It’s the first book of the Bible and it’s packed with exciting stories about how the world started, who the first people were, and how families began. It’s like a family album mixed with a big history book!

Think of Genesis as a big family tree with short narratives about certain family members that add enough context to the family tree to get you to the next generation of family members. The beginning of the family tree is God and his creation of the earth. Adam and Eve’s history is a narrative that gets us to Seth, then Seth to Noah, then Noah’s Narrative to Babel, then Babel to Abraham, the Abraham to the Israelites.

Throughout this lesson, we’re going to look closely at the words and ideas in Genesis. We’ll see how the stories in this book help us understand ourselves and our world better. And who knows? We might even discover some surprising things about ourselves along the way!

Note: All quizzes as part of the course are book. Please complete all of the required reading for each lesson before taking the quizzes.

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