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How can you help us?

Here’s how YOU can help!

First, help yourself by learning the Word and becoming obedient to everything you learn.  Often times, we rush to serve before actually taking the time to learn how to serve properly.

This is what you can do to help us:

  1. Subscribe yourself to our YouTube page
  2. Tell people about our videos and pages
  3. Engage with each video we have: Watch, Like, Share, Comment, etc.
  4. Make Playlists of our videos on YouTube
  5. Share our videos weekly in Facebook Groups or other forums (e.g, Reddit)
  6. Download and edit our videos into shorter videos around specific topics
  7. Research historical/archeological facts and share them with us
  8. Purchase items from our Amazon Wishlist
  9. Write Taught of Yah news articles related to the Bible or Hebrew/ADOS events
  10. Be in righteous prayer for us and other men of Yah who teach the Truth to the people.

Remember, only focus your efforts on people who seek the Most High.  Those that are comfortable in being of the world should not be our primary concern.  There are many people in churches, at mosques, at temples, that are looking for the Truth… let them be your target and the other will come as Yah wills.