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Who is Lilith? Why was her Story Taken from the Bible?

First of All.

Lilith’s “story” was never taken out of the Scriptures because it was never there, to begin with.  The legends seem to agree that Lilith was a woman who was married to Adam prior to Eve.  There are variations about how she and Adam supposedly split, but most say that she refused to be ruled by Adam.

This is a myth and is not compatible with what the Scriptures teach.  In an attempt to make it compatible, some try to argue that Genesis describes two separate creations and that there were people created before Adam.  They insist that Genesis 1 describes one creation account and Genesis 2 describes a second. The issue is, however, the Scriptures teach in Genesis 2:7 that Adam was created from the dust of the ground and Eve from Adam’s rib [Genesis 2:21-22]. So, if Adam was created in Genesis 2 and there was another man created before him in Genesis 1, why does Paul call Adam the first man [1 Corinthians 15:45, 47]? In addition to that, why is Eve called the “mother of all living” in Genesis 3:20? There was never any opportunity for this myth to be included in the Scripture but let’s take a look at who or what Lilith actually is. 

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Does the Bible say Anything about Lilith?

In Isaiah 34:14 there is a Hebrew word that is pronounced Lilith (H3917), translated as “screech-owl” in the King James Version.  What is interesting is Isaiah 34:13-14 also mentions “Lilith” along with a number of animals that are associated with evil spirits elsewhere in the Bible (i.e. dragons [Revelation 12:9] and satyr [Leviticus 17:7]).  Even more so, the Dead Sea scrolls mention “monsters” and Lilith is among the creatures that are named.  If Lilith is anything out of the ordinary, it is an evil spirit.

Where did Lilith come from?

So where did this “Adam’s first wife” tale come from?  Looks like it crept up as late as a thousand years after the death of the Messiah in a writing called “Alphabet of Ben Sira” which some thought to be a humorous exaggeration and/or satire. In other words… it started with a joke!

Hey, I say we start a new myth.  Let’s say Lilith was the serpent’s wife. Check the internet first, though… someone may have already come up with that one.

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