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(Video) “DopeDaddying”: Black Dads are Cool Again?

Hebrew dads and baby

This is about the dads. I’m a dad.  I have one boy that will be turning three soon and another boy on the way.  My wife and I were married when we conceived our boys, and while fatherhood in marriage should be celebrated,  this is not about that.  It makes it much easier to prepare yourself to be a father while having a strong wife who loves you and trust you enough to WANT to sacrifice her body, life, time, comfort, career, friends, hobbies, and all the other things that pop into your head and spark the phrase “mmhhmmm, that too!”Young Hebrew boy


This is about the dads who were not prepared… Who may not have been in love… Who may have made a mistake… Who may have become so familiar with the black fatherless household stereotype that they find themselves fighting against not only a temptation but also a social norm. Nevertheless, they stuck around to be fathers to children who need them.  For every one of my friends who was raised by their father I probably have two or three friends who really don’t know their biological fathers.  So, without a doubt, the fatherless black home was real… but is it still real? According to Naoka Foreman, an ambitious and aspiring filmmaker, the curse may have been all but curved.

Here’s a teaser for her upcoming documentary called “Dope Daddying”

Don’t you think this highlights something special?  It is one small sign that we are beginning to turn back to our roots as a people. By examining the written history of our ancestors, we see fathers leaving their children to their mothers is a sign of rejection.  Abraham, for example, kept one son by his side and sent the others away, even his oldest Ishmael.  However, Abraham’s grandson, Jacob, fought to keep all of his sons central to him despite them having different mothers.  In ancient times, we were known by our fathers but compared to more recent times, we are fortunate to know our dads.

This documentary shows three fathers who present themselves as central figures in their children’s life. This puts us one step closer to that old righteous path. A rare example of a step backward being the direction of progress.

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